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Simple ideas to boost your sales at Easter

Simple ideas to boost your sales at Easter

George - 5 Apr 2022 15:00:00

Why is Easter a great time to boost your ecommerce sales?


Spring has sprung and the Easter bunny is busy hiding chocolate eggs in sunny gardens all around the world. The Christian feast days of Easter not only marks the overindulgence of foil-wrapped chocolate eggs but also signifies hope and new beginnings. With more and more people adjusting to buying online, how can you optimise your online store to benefit from this Easter’s ecommerce wave?


Easter Buying Trends


You may be surprised to learn that Easter is a peak time in the shopping calendar, not just for chocolate products but also for a whole range of related items. Pastel coloured homewares, baking and crafting items, gifting. 75% of Brits will be celebrating Easter and a whopping £892 million spend is projected this year. That's £82 million more than last year. Easter is not one to be overlooked when it comes to promoting your store and products. Millennials are the main contenders for Easter online purchasing, with mobiles being the preferred shopping device. Points to note when putting together your Easter marketing campaigns.

Source: Easter statistics UK 2022


Get prepared for the Easter ecommerce bunny


Easter is a prime time in the ecommerce calendar, so it is best to prepare early. Make sure to have promotional products in stock and ready to ship and start your marketing early to ensure delivery to your customers in plenty of time.


Think about bundling Easter-themed items, and think about how to tailor these bundles to different customers. For example, babies' Easter bundles could have cute fluffy cuddly bunnies, blankets and chirping chick soft toys. It’s not all about the chocolate at Easter. You can also offer incentives such as offering a saving if purchased as a bundle rather than buying each item separately.


Remember that Easter is an important Christian celebration and many people will be coming together to celebrate by attending church and other gatherings, exchanging gifts and sharing food and beverages and there will be many more online purchases made in the run-up to Easter to prepare for this.


Easter online games


Easter is a fun time for kids and adults alike. Why not introduce some fun elements on a bunny theme to your online store. How about offering an easter egg hunt, or hiding an egg with an enticing offer, somewhere on your site to encourage browsing. Don’t forget to promote your Easter fun activity on your social pages with a shareable link to drive traffic to your website. Discount codes, free gifts and prizes are a great way to increase your reach over the Easter season.


Easter is a time for giving


Easter is a poignant time to give a little back to issues that mean something to you, so how about giving a percentage of your sales to a charity or an organisation that is important to you. You can encourage a shopper to purchase if they are made aware that some of their money is going to a good cause. Customers respond favorably to a store that offers a portion of their profits to a charity over one that does not.


Easter theme ecommerce store


What better way to spread some happy vibes than with a spring-like happy little website abundant with bunnies, chicks and eggs. This is a good way to draw attention and gain more traffic.


5 quick tips on boosting your ecommerce sales at Easter.


Easter time is a great opportunity to get your brand seen and boost your online sales. Be prepared in plenty of time, and increase your stock of Easter themed items. Push promotions and games to increase traffic to your website and think about offering a portion of your sales for donation to good causes. Try not to overdo the chocolate but enjoy hanging out with friends and family. Celebrate Easter with Sellr.


Offer Easter discounts


Even if you sell products that are not necessarily Easter themed it is important to realise that Easter is a time when people might be rethinking their usual routines, trying out new hobbies or activities and spending more time outdoors with friends and family. They might be thinking about renewing their culinary skills in the kitchen, trying out cycling for the first time or learning a new skill such as watercolor painting. Think about how you can promote your products and offer discounts to get you ahead of the competition.


Encourage sales by creating a sense of urgency


It is a good idea to jump on the rising tide of Easter shopping and shift some of your products from last season. You could experiment with offering different discounts at different stages, to create a sense of urgency to purchase. How about offering a percentage discount that decreases everyday, so encourage a customer to jump in and make that purchase now.


Play Easter games with your customer


Encourage browsing and social media sharing of your website, by offering Easter games, such as an Easter egg hunt. By hiding easter eggs on your website you can encourage people to browse your store and on finding the hidden egg you can offer a discount code, to encourage the customer to make a purchase and share the fun with their friends.


Use social media to increase reach


Giveaways on social media are a great way to increase exposure of your brand and products and is easy and free to do. The simplest social media giveaway is to ask followers to tag their friends and family and share the post to their network, in order to increase their chances of winning a prize. You could also play a game, for example, guess how many mini easter eggs are in the jar. You could increase your reach even more by paying for a boosted post to advertise your competition or giveaway.

Try creating a unique hashtag to encourage sharing. Ask your followers to share selfies or show how they use or display your products, and ask them to tag your business and use a special hashtag to share on social media, with a prize incentive.


Easter email campaign


Design an exciting email featuring your Easter products offers and promotions, create a sense of urgency to encourage subscribers to rush and make a purchase before your offer or promotion ends. It is also really important to use a catchy subject line on your email. This will help it stand out amongst the other Easter headlines which will no doubt be abundant in your subscribers’ inboxes. Another great tip is to create a sense of urgency in your email. Get your subscribers to rush to your store before your offers run out, and boost your sales.


I hope you have found these tips useful. You can read more about how to use email marketing to promote your ecommerce store, and don't forget you can try Sellr for free today.

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