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How to move your brick and mortar store online

How to move your brick and mortar store online

George - 6 Apr 2022 16:00:00

How to transform your brick-and-mortar to an online store.


If you have not yet made the leap and taken your ecommerce business online, then now is the time to take action. More and more people are shopping online and you will be missing out on a huge selling opportunity. Of course, every business is different so I’ve outlined a broad range of topics to get you started.


Choosing an ecommerce platform.


The ecommerce solution you choose is the most important step you can take when starting out. Luckily there are many to choose from and if you already have a website you could simply choose a solution that allows you to add ‘pay now’ buttons to your existing site, such as RomanCart or Sellr buttons.


If you wanted something with more of a management system and marketing features, then something like Sellr would be perfect for you. This hosted service will also allow you to connect to a cloud-based point of sale system meaning an even easier start to your online shop business. Your in-store inventory is seamlessly synced with your online store, making easier management across both sales channels.


Once you’ve narrowed down your platform options, it’s not a bad idea to get answers to these questions before making a final decision:


Here are some great questions to get you thinking when choosing an online store solution. 

  1. How much is it? Is a free trial offered to allow you to have a look around and get a feel of how it works? Is the pricing plan tiered or one cost for all? If tiered, which options might you need and which ones will not be valid for your business?

  2. Is it easy to use? Do you have to install anything or is it cloud-based?

  3. What are the website designs like? Is it fixed templates or ‘blocks’ that you can select to build your site with more flexibility?

  4. Will it support your growing business?

  5. Are there any product limitations?

  6. Does it have built-in security such as HTTPS and is it PCI compliant?

  7. What is customer support like? Does it cost extra?

  8. Does it support multi platform browsing?

  9. Can you easily list your products on marketplaces such as Amazon or Ebay?

  10. Does it have marketing features to enable social media posts and email marketing?

  11. Does it have SEO features to help you optimize your images and content?

Image: Huboo Fulfillment


Shipping and order fulfillment.


With an online store you cannot just scan, wrap and hand over the item directly to your customer like you can in a brick and mortar, so you need to consider which shipping methods to offer.

You could choose to pack and send your own items, but if you find that you are shipping more stock or your items are bulky to handle, you could consider using an order fulfillment service, such as Huboo which will make your life so much easier. More time for marketing your business and less on struggling with parcels!

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to your ecommerce needs, and need an online solution to help your business grow, take a look at Sellr


Marketing your ecommerce business.


As with any business, there is huge importance placed on marketing. You will need to spread the word about your new online store. You can do this by marketing to your in store customers and having a social media presence to encourage widening your reach. You could introduce shoppable posts and email marketing too. An integrated POS system can help you to build your online marketing strategy. 


Retail is changing.


For sure, shopping habits have changed dramatically, due to covid restrictions of late, but the brick-and-mortar shopping experience is still very much alive. Consumers still love to browse and touch and try on products in person. 


If you are looking to move your brick and mortar online, check out Sellr for a complete hosted solution which will help you get online and selling in minutes.

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