Google Shopping, Amazon and eBay 

Sellr can list your items on Google Shopping, Amazon and eBay. Your sales will all be visible on the Sellr Sales Manager

14 Day Free Trial - No Payment Details Required

Google 'Smart' Shopping

Your items will be shown with the 'Shopping' items which appear at the top of Google. Images of your items link customers directly to your website. No knowledge of Google required as it's all managed from your Sellr dashboard.

Amazon Marketplace

Easily list your items on the Amazon Marketplace and synchronize your stock levels with all your other channels. View Amazon sales directly on the Sellr Dashboard. 

eBay Listing Software

List your items on eBay to generate more sales. Your eBay sales will be shown on the Sellr Dashboard. You can also use all the marketing features in Sellr to encourage your eBay customers to buy directly on your website next time.

The easiest way to sell your items in multiple channels

Sellr merchants know that the way to maximise profits is to sell your items in lots of places
Power Up Your Sales!
Set up your items on Sellr, then choose where to sell them. When sales are made, the stock is reduced centrally, so can always be aware of your current inventory.
Reach for the Moon!
Sellr can power your business to be as big and successful as you want. Sell your items all over the internet and maximise the profits that you make.

✓ Manage your business from anywhere
✓ Use our marketing tools to get more customers
✓ Increase your ranking on search engines
✓ Easily accept credit and debit cards
✓ View reports on the success of your business

The ultimate ecommerce platform for selling online

Sellr has all the functionality you need to sell your items, get more customers and increase your profits
Open your online shop today
14 Day Free Trial - No Payment Details Required
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Google 'Smart' Shopping
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