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How to turn browsers into buyers in your online store

How to turn browsers into buyers in your online store

George - 23 May 2022 12:00:00

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As a consumer, window shopping is great fun but as a retailer it can be frustrating to know that you’ve managed to attract browsers, but you simply fail to convert them to purchasers. All is not lost, here are some great tips to help you get the browsers to your online store, clicking on your ‘buy now’ buttons.


Where is my traffic coming from?


Firstly, well done for netting traffic to your online store, that's the first step to making sales, but now you need to work out where your traffic is coming from in order to have a better idea about why they are not converting.


Are they finding you through organic searches (when a visitor has found your site by typing in a search query), and clicking on a non-paid link to find your website?


If you use Google analytics, try linking it to Google Search Console to find out the most popular terms your visitors are searching for as well as the terms your site is appearing for.


Other ways your visitors might be finding you, is by typing in your URL. A direct visitor. These are the people who have seen your business, advert or other and remembered your address and typed it directly into their brower.


Pay Per Click ads are another way to increase visitors, as is increasing brand awareness with your social media channels. 


Once you have figured out where your traffic is coming from, you can optimise your website to encourage a conversion by immediately providing the products or information that your customer is looking for. You can also create landing pages to attract specific audiences, which is particularly helpful when you have different groups coming from different sources.


11 Tips to convert browsers into buyers.


Now you have a better idea about where you are getting your visitors from, you could try these methods, to encourage your visitors to convert and make that purchase from your store.


  1. Entice prospects by offering free shipping.


  1. Optimise your website for mobile, tablet and desktop viewing. Over half of internet users browse on a mobile device, so it is imperative to have a website that looks great and is seamless to navigate on a mobile.


  1. Include a detailed product description. Don’t leave your customers in any doubt, make sure to describe every detail about your product to encourage a sale.


  1. Offer alternative items and additional items to maximise sales (upsell and cross-sell).


  1. Take professional photographs of your products. Your product photos can make or break a sale. Show your products off in their best light and leave the dodgy, grainy, lacking in detail photos to your competitors. 


  1. Have a quick and easy checkout process. Use autofill addresses, don’t require a sign up process or login, and offer multiple secure payment choices.


  1. Have your products in stock and ready for shipping, and also enable an ‘email me when in stock’ notification. 


  1. Use marketing psychological tactics, such as adding banners with ‘one left’ or ‘final chance’, this can really help persuade a customer who is sitting on the fence about a purchase.


  1. Use social proof and link to your social accounts. By showing your products being enjoyed by other customers can really help reassure a browser that your products are what they want.


  1. Display customer reviews to reassure customers about your products and business as a whole.


  1. Build a multichannel strategy. Don’t limit yourself to selling on your website alone. Integrate with other marketplaces such as eBay and Google shopping.


Which ecommerce platform should I choose?


There are lots of platforms out there that offer varying levels of functionality, so it really depends on what you are selling and what you need from your online store builder.


If you want something that does it all and has great UK customer support, Sellr is the perfect platform to choose. It makes it easy to implement all the functionality that you will need to help you sell more and connect with your customer.

You can try Sellr for free today without having to enter any payment details, so enjoy, have fun creating your business and happy selling!


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