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Meet the Merchant - Canine Natural Cures

Meet the Merchant - Canine Natural Cures

George - 15 Mar 2022 15:00:00


We talk to the people behind Canine Natural Cures and find more about what they do and how their business was born.


Who is the human behind Canine Natural Cures?


My name is Aisling Armitage and I am Canine Natural Cures business owner.


Tell me more about your products.


Canine Natural Cures provides natural health supplements to dogs. We are a small family business and offer a very personalised service to our customers. If our customers phone us they will get lots of free advice and support concerning their dogs health issues. We actively encourage our customers to call or email us so we can be sure that they purchase the best product for their dogs health issues. 


Did you have any experience selling online before launching your Sellr store?


The business was originally started by my mother Frances Gavin back in the 80s when she was interested in natural alternatives to common dog health problems. Natural supplements weren’t widely used at that time but she discovered a growing interest in the subject. She grew the business slowly, mainly through word of mouth, and was actually one of the first businesses on the internet. My background is PR and marketing and I joined the business in 2013 to help grow it. 


How did you make your very first sale?


Much of my marketing experience was not digital when I joined so there was a steep learning curve. Sellr was a good fit for us as there was always somebody at the end of the phone or by email to contact to discuss any issues. I learned how to build the website from scratch and the block system which Sellr uses is very simple to manipulate once you get the hang of it. Around 2018 we started using google shopping ads via the Sellr built-in shopping feed. This had a dramatic effect on our sales and that’s when we really started to grow the business. Sellr also advised us on how to construct our web pages to contain keywords and many of our pages started to dominate the first page of google organically. 


What advice would you give someone just starting out on their ecommerce venture?


If you are thinking of starting a business I would suggest that you do your research very thoroughly. It’s a very competitive market place and there is always someone else prepared to sell the same product cheaper so you need to be able to differentiate yourself. We do this by offering amazing customer service and by getting to know our customers and their dogs. We would rather not make a sale than sell them the wrong product. Customers are very loyal when they are treated like this. 


Would you recommend Sellr to others who are starting an online store?


Yes I would recommend Sellr to other businesses especially companies that would like a more personalised service. The Sellr team are always available to advise - Simon has answered my queries at 10pm at night and on bank holidays. You would not get this service from other e-commerce platforms. They are similar to us in that respect making customer service a priority. 


What plans do you have for the future of Canine Natural Cures?


In the future we would like to continue to grow the business. Our social media presence is lacking so this is one area that we need to grow.


With Over 25 years experience working with homeopaths, herbalists, dog trainers and behaviourists, Canine Natural Cures will provide you with all the natural supplements, homeopathy and herbal remedies you could ever need for your four legged best friend.

Head on over to and make your dog smile.


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