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Why adding a live chat feature to your website is a good idea

Why adding a live chat feature to your website is a good idea

George - 8 Apr 2022 16:00:00

Why add a chat feature?


Adding a live chat to your website can enhance both your sales and customer support. Imagine entering your local sports store needing to buy the latest Nike sneakers and no one is around to advise on how they fit, or if they are indeed the latest trending item in sportswear. It would be frustrating not to get the answers you need, and you may well go next door where you know there will be staff on hand to help you shop.

Adding a chat feature allows you to offer your customer the ultimate shopping experience and gives you the opportunity to encourage sales. 


Live chat for customer support.


We all know that if you deal with a company with great customer support you are more likely to return and buy from them again. This experience can be created by using a live chat facility on your website. Keeping your customers happy will have a direct impact on your customer retention.


Customers want live chat features because they need fast answers to any questions they have when browsing. Being able to answer them quickly could guarantee the sale and prevent the shopper from looking elsewhere for the items they want.


Live chat to increase sales.


Live chat can also be seen as a sales channel. Without it, you are missing out on potential new customers who want to communicate with your business in real-time.


How to add live chat to your wesbite.

Live chat is a really easy feature to add to your website. You can install widgets or use an ecommerce solution such as Sellr which has live chat features already built-in and ready to use at a click of a button. With Sellr you can even see, in real-time, if you have shoppers browsing your store, and bring up a chat window to ask if they need your help or advice. A great way for you to improve the customer experience, and provide great customer service.

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