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This was awful when I discovered this blinding mistake on my website.

This was awful when I discovered this blinding mistake on my website.

George - 7 Apr 2022 15:00:00


....Actually there was no mistake, I'm completely making stuff up just so you will click on the link and be taken to my webpage that I want you to see. It's not spam though, it’s still relevant to you as it's clearly about ecommerce. Clickbait works. Humans cannot help being curious, so you should be tickling your readers' curiosity to engage with your audience and give them an irresistible headline to draw them in and to visit your website.


Why you need clickbait in your life.


It’s for the search engines and for engagement. You need a great headline containing keywords that the search engines can pick up, but you don’t want it to appear so robotic and dull no one wants to click on it and read it. This is where you can get a bit more creative and produce a gritty and intriguing headline that will grab the attention of everyone!

You need effective titles for your content as you are constantly competing for the top spot in search engines alongside other posts. A great title that gets people interested and wanting to learn more will get you more clicks and visitors to your site.

Ideally, your title should be relevant to your subject. Try and give enough away, but not too much - you want your reader to click and find out more. Don’t be too over the top with your content as this will have the opposite effect and your reader will not be convinced that the content is going to be relevant to them as the headline is so extreme. Your brand may be deemed spammy if you are not offering relevant content, and you will lose the confidence of your reader.


Here are some top tips to get you started on your first piece of clickable content:

  1. Use some keywords that are relevant to your business or product

  2. Think about trending topics and how you can link your subject to them, for search engine popularity and relevance.

  3. Use a teaser in your headline to encourage further reading of your article. E.g check out the final tip for the ultimate game-changer (this will encourage reading to the final tip!).

  4. Try being controversial. People love reading a bit of controversy but make sure it won’t negatively impact your business or brand.

Here are some clickbait titles to inspire you.

  1. You’ll get more sale if you do this

  2. This is why you’re losing money

  3. You need to start doing (this) instead of (this)

  4. Get instant results by doing this

  5. The biggest trends of 2022 and you won’t believe #14!

If you base your headlines on the simple principles of making it ‘unbelievable’, ‘shocking’ or ‘amusing’, then you are on the right track. You can use power words like ‘never’ or ‘always’ in your headlines to grab immediate attention.


Here is a quick guide to what you can include in your attention grabbing clickbait.

  • Use list-based content for ease of reading and quick consumption of information.

  • Include pop-culture references for engagement and revelance

  • Use an element of excitement or shock to draw in a reader

  • reveal some kind of a secret to make your content irresistible

  •  Use personal stories to intrigue

  • Start a debate or talk about something controversial

If you do it right you can merge a headline with important (but boring) keywords and create an enticing clickbait one that will get you engagements and boost your search rankings.


If you are using Sellr to create your content, you can keep track of how your posts are performing, giving you all the feedback you need to create even more engaging posts, which your readers will want to read.

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