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The One Solution To Your Website's Payments

The One Solution To Your Website's Payments

George - 1 Sep 2021 08:00:00


As a member of Sellr Support Staff with a number of years’ experience running my own business, I’m often asked what the best and most efficient Payment Method is for a budding eCommerce Business. When faced with a question like this, there are usually many options that flood through my head, but there’s really only one correct choice at the moment as far as I’m concerned – PayPal Commerce Platform (PPCP).


No matter your views on PayPal as a company (and I know a lot of you do have some contentious views) you cannot deny that they’ve had a monumental impact on the development of online sales. One could argue that, without PayPal’s influence, the eCommerce market would be substantially more primitive than it exists today. Still though, this isn’t what we’re here to talk about today – we’re here to talk about why PPCP is the best choice when building a Business online.


We all know that a lot of hard work goes into building a sustainable business. While it’s technically possible, none of us are going to become millionaires overnight. It’s far more likely that we’ll have to learn to crawl before we can walk and that takes a lot of time – precious time that you won’t want to waste fumbling around with setting up payments for your website. This is my primary reason for PPCP being the Ultimate #1 pick. The time that you’ll save by simply connecting your site to your PayPal account will let you focus on your Branding, Item Listing, Marketing or even the general layout and usability of your website (or better yet, getting the shuteye you so deserve after yet another ill-advised 80 hour working week).


Another great benefit is that you’ll immediately be able to accept all major Payment options, including Visa Mastercard and American Express Debit or Credit Cards, PayPal (of course), Venmo and unlike some previous PayPal Methods, you can even provide PayPal Pay Later offers to your customers.


Get started with PPCP and let us know if you agree with our pick!

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