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PayPal - Pay in 3

PayPal - Pay in 3

George - 18 Jan 2022 15:00:00


Did you know that Customers are 57% more likely to shop at a store with interest-free payment options?  Thankfully, PayPal have made this incredibly simple to achieve for stores using PayPal Checkouts, with their new Pay in 3 option!


Put simply, Pay in 3 offers an interest-free loan that lets customers split up the cost of a shopping cart into 3 payments. The loans themselves are very simple: they last a total of 2 months, with one payment will be taken immediately, followed by another two payments due each following month. If you run an online business that uses Pay in 3, you’ll get paid upfront as usual and PayPal will collect each subsequent payment directly from the Customer. This option is available on all eligible carts between £30 to £2,000, so you’re very likely to benefit from offering this as an option in the long run.


As with all credit-related options though, not all customers will be eligible and this decision rests with PayPal themselves. Thankfully, as they only initiate a soft-check, you can assure any worried customers that being declined for a Pay in 3 application will not affect their credit score in any way. It’s also important to know that Pay in 3 and PayPal Credit are two separate features that can both be used independently, so the option for customers to pay with their PayPal Credit balance directly still applies as usual.


Make sure you advertise this feature adequately on your site, as once again you’ll be more likely to pull in customers if you allow them the option to spread the cost out over time. Remember that it is entirely interest-free and that there are absolutely no fees involved.


As for setting it up within Sellr, after setting up the PayPal Commerce Platform gateway in Configure > Payment Methods, just click on the ‘Configure’ icon and scroll down to the “Buy Now Pay Later” section. Enable the ‘Pay Later Button’ and you’re ready to go! I would also recommend switching on all of the messaging options as well to let customers know that it's available.


For any questions that you may have, I would suggest looking through PayPal’s FAQs here:

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