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Happy National Techies Day

Happy National Techies Day

George - 3 Oct 2022 15:26:00

Why celebrate National Techies Day?


Techies Day was created in 1999 to inspire youngsters to seek a career in a technical field. In the late 90’s the tech sector was growing exponentially and the demand for skilled professionals was skyrocketing. National Techies Day is a day to make all aware of the importance that technology plays in our lives and how we should be encouraging students of today and tomorrow, to sit up and be interested in the subject, and for schools to be actively promoting all students' technical skills.


We chatted with Huboo Technologies Head of Ecommerce at Sellr, Simon Leigh for his take on National Techies Day and asked what his thoughts were on technology in education.



Everyday is a learning day Sellr HQ



What does technology mean to you?


Technology provides the ability to make people's lives easier, and I have always been intrigued to find new ways to solve old problems. In fact, I would say that I have always been naturally drawn to problem solving and fixing things - if they are not working as planned or as efficiently as I think they could. I see tech as a creative medium, using a digital format to create practical experiences, in the best way possible.


Why is it important in your opinion to promote tech subjects in schools?


Tech is everywhere, you don’t need to be a developer to be involved in tech. Most job roles require some level of technical skill nowadays so it is an absolute priority to teach tech in schools. Kids nowadays are generally much more technically skilled than when I was at school, but the need to develop and hone those skills is more important than ever.

There are never enough people to fill the technical roles, so to engage students, help them develop a curiosity and show them just how many technical roles are out there for them to access is so important. There will always be a need for people in tech.


What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in the tech industry?


Do something that you find really interesting, that you feel passionate about. If you love problem solving you’ll find a tech role to suit you. Always question why and how. If you see something being done a certain way and you think you can make it even better, have a go, and the process will develop your understanding and skills in a way that cannot be taught.


What would you say to a parent who is concerned about their child having screen time?


There are so many positive elements to computer use, to say that you should limit your child's time on a computer is doing them a disservice. If they are doing something creative then it's great and should be encouraged. Computer games are a more complex subject, however the multiplayer aspect to gaming can be a huge benefit to today's children, who are unable to get out as much as a child of the 70’s! It offers social interaction with others who share the same interests and has the benefit of offering friends globally. Admittedly, it is difficult to police, although if, as a parent, you remain aware of how your child is interacting online the task is of course a lot easier. Like with most things in life though, it’s all about balance - computer use should be balanced with plenty of physical activity!


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