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Father’s Day marketing ideas for your ecommerce business

Father’s Day marketing ideas for your ecommerce business

George - 14 Jun 2022 07:00:00

Every third Sunday of June, fathers everywhere prepare to accept a whole heap of fuss and pampering from their loved ones. However, Father’s Day can be a sensitive time for many people for many reasons, so it is important to choose your marketing message wisely. As an ecommerce store owner, it is a good idea to reach out to your subscribers and ask whether they are ok to receive your communications related to Father’s Day. Father’s Day however should not be overlooked as a key date in your marketing diary to increase your brand awareness, audience and sales.


Why do we celebrate Father’s Day?

Today, Father’s Day honours fatherhood and paternal bonds as well as influential fathers in society. It began in the middle ages when European Catholic countries celebrated St Joseph's Day on March 19th. St Joseph was the Virgin Mary’s husband and the legal father of Jesus Christ. In 1910 Father’s Day was first celebrated on the third Sunday of June in the USA, by Sonora Smart Dodd who was the daughter of an American Civil War veteran named William Jackson Smart. Whilst in attendance of a newly founded Mothering Sunday service she felt strongly that fathers should have the same recognition as mothers, particularly as she had lost her mother as a teenager and held her father in high regard. After hearing her plea, the third Sunday of June was chosen as the official day to celebrate fathers by the Spokane Ministerial Alliance.


Why you should be marketing your store on Father’s Day


Father’s Day is becoming more and more popular year on year, with the majority of fathers in the UK and USA celebrating the holiday every year. With celebration comes spending on days out, food and gifts. With 1 in 3 Father's Day gifts being purchased online, it is clear to see why this holiday cannot be missed as a fantastic opportunity to promote your ecommerce brand.

Last year in the UK the total retail spend on Father’s Day was a staggering £951 million! Up by over £200 million from 2017! With these increases in mind, it is clear to see why Father’s Day creates the perfect chance for you to let people know more about your brand and how you can help them make their fathers feel even more special this Father’s Day.

Stats: Statista


Marketing ideas for Father’s Day


Promote Father’s Day on your homepage


In the run up to Father’s Day have a look at your website’s homepage and see if there is a way that you can incorporate visuals and products on a Father’s Day theme. Implement these changes in the weeks running up to Father’s Day and gear your marketing campaigns around driving traffic to your Father’s Day inspired products. 

Sellr Ecommerce Websites


Create a Father’s Day inspired landing page with a really clear call to action to get your customers clicking on ‘buy now’. Increase the sense of urgency further with a countdown to the day, this will increase the chance of turning a browser into a purchaser, particularly if you can guarantee the delivery date.


You can even add a new product collection and call it ‘Father’s Day Gifts’ so that your customers can quickly and easily find what they are looking for in fewer clicks.

Offer bundles, BOGOF or time dependent discounts to encourage eager shoppers to make a purchase.


Don’t forget to make your delivery times really clear on your website, if your customer is left in no doubt that they will receive their items in perfect time for Father’s Day then they will be confident enough to go ahead and make a purchase from you there and then, without the need to look elsewhere and find another store that can guarantee the delivery day. This is not only a great way to obtain new customers, but will encourage them to come back again and again, if you offer a reliable service, with clear delivery times.


Father’s Day email marketing ideas


A week or so before Father’s Day, create an email marketing campaign for your contacts list to remind your subscribers about your products, and introduce them to special offers and promotions that you are running for Father’s Day. Increase the likelihood of a sale even further by increasing the sense of urgency by sending a reminder email to not leave it too late to make a purchase for your special Dad.


What are the best Father’s Day gifts to sell online?


We all know that finding the perfect gift for your Dad can be a nightmare, particularly if you can’t remember what you gifted last year…or the year before that! The most popular items to gift your Dad are clothing with jumpers and socks heading the bill, so if you stock mens clothing then select a few items to feature in your Father’s Day offerings.

Gadgets and gizmos are another great idea for the tech Dads, whilst tools for the home or garden can be great for the practical minded man. If you are stocking any Dad related trinkets it is wise to feature them heavily on your homepage in the weeks leading up to Father’s Day.

If the Dad in question already has more than enough in his man cave, then how about an experience gift? Would he like to get his ‘Top Gun’ aviators on and try flying his own aircraft? Or how about taking his dream car for a spin? These are all really great ways to sell unique items that could make your dad’s Father’s Day that extra bit more special.


If you sell individual or bespoke items, try offering gift vouchers. Gift vouchers are a great way to introduce yourself to new customers and your website visitors will especially love you for offering downloadable vouchers, taking the worry out of making delivery dates on time, or if you are a little late to the party and the day itself has already arrived.


Source: The Horse Artist


Why is Father’s Day an important event in your marketing calendar?


With over half the population in the UK and USA celebrating Father’s Day it is a great opportunity for you, as an ecommerce retailer, to take advantage of the needs of the Father’s Day consumers. Make it easy and quick for them to make a buying decision and gear your website's homepage around Father’s Day itself to really get the impulsive buyer to commit to a sale. Just don’t forget to return your homepage to its non Father’s Day appearance after the event, to keep your brand relevant and avoid your return customers losing confidence in you. You wouldn’t entertain the idea of entering a bricks and mortar store if it was still bedecked with out of date Christmas offers in the summer would you? Creepy right?!

Why you should be marketing to women on Father’s Day


Another thing to bear in mind is that you should gear your marketing towards female consumers. Yes, you heard me right. Women make up the majority of purchasers for Father’s Day. They buy for their husbands, their own fathers, grandfathers and also purchase gifts for their children to give. They also spend around 50% more on Father's Day gifts than men, so if you keep in mind this when planning your marketing strategy, you’ll be on a winning streak this Father’s Day.


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