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Best Website Builders for 2023

Best Website Builders for 2023

George - 27 Jan 2023 16:00:00

What is a website builder?


A website builder is a tool that allows users to create a website without the need for programming or coding skills. Website builders will often provide pre-made templates, or have a simple drag-and-drop interface to allow users to easily design great looking websites.

A website builder can be used for individual use, small businesses and enterprises without the need to hire any developers. It’s a cost effective and quick way to build a website.


What website builder is best to use?


The best website builder to use will really depend on your requirements. There are many different website builders available and each have their different features and capabilities. It is a good idea to think about what you need from a website builder and choose one that will help you reach your goals.


Need a Simple website builder?


A simple website builder with a user-friendly interface that will help you to easily build a homepage or small website would be Wix or Weebly. You can choose from pre designed templates and they easily integrate with your social media channels.


Need a website builder with features?


If you are looking for a more advanced website builder and perhaps would like your website to have ecommerce capabilities then Shopify, BigCommerce and Sellr would be a good choice. They have advanced built in features for managing an online store including inventory management, payment processing and more.


What is the #1 website builder?


Sellr is the perfect choice of website builder for anyone needing an easy to use but comprehensive ecommerce website, particularly if you would like to sell more, by listing your items in marketplaces including Amazon, eBay and Etsy for example. With a website builder such as Sellr you can manage all your products in one place, and list them in as many marketplaces as you like, saving you time and making you more sales.


What is the easiest website builder to use?


Ultimately, the best website builder would be the one that best matches your specific needs, and your budget. Most offer a free trial so it is a great idea to sign up and see which one you feel the most comfortable using.


How can I build my own website?


Using a website builder is actually a very simple thing to do. Here are a few steps to get you started when you are new to the concept of a website builder:


  1. Select the website builder that you would like to use, as mentioned previously. Some names of website builders to get you started are: Shopfiy, Wix, Weebly, Bigcommerce, Wordpress and Sellr. 

  2. Choose a template or theme that you like the look of and start the process of customising it with your logo and chosen company colours, fonts and images.

  3. Write some content. Website builders allow you to add your own images, videos, text and links to tell your story.

  4. If you are using an ecommerce website builder, add some products with descriptions, prices and images.

  5. Preview and test your website before publishing to check that everything looks as you expect it to. As with any website builder, make sure to review your content and update your website regularly to keep the visitors coming back.


Can I build a website for free?


There are a number of ways to build a website for free. Most website builders will allow you to sign up for a trial period to allow you to see what the website builder offers in terms of functionality and feel. Website builders to try are Wix, Weebly, BigCommerce and Sellr. All of these website builders have an option to sign up and use for free, for a set amount of time, or perhaps have a limit on the features that are available.


What are free website builders?


A free website builder is usually part of a subscription based website builder, which will allow you to sign up and use for a limited amount of time without requesting a payment, or perhaps will allow you to use the website builder with some restrictions to features.


Some website builders which offer free plans


  1. Wix. A free plan with limited features and uses Wix branded ads on your website.

  2. Weebly. A free plan with limited features and Weebly branded ads on your website.

  3. A free plan with limited features and WrodPress branded ads on your website.


Looking for a free ecommerce website builder?


  1. Shopify. 3 day free trial, payment required thereafter.

  2. Sellr. 14 day free trial, payment required thereafter.


How much does it cost to build a website?


As previously mentioned, it is possible to use a website builder for free, but it will often have limitations on the use of features, or perhaps give you a free trial of the complete system, but for a time limited period. The cost of using the full version of a website builder varies, for the latest fee's and sign up periods it is best to go directly to the website builder of your choice and check the most current subscription fee and functionalities.


Which website is easiest to build?


There are many website builders that are considered easy to use. In order to consider which site is best to create a website, here are some of the more popular website builders which are thought to be easy to use:

  • Wix. User friendly drag-and-drop interface with customisable templates.

  • Weebly. User friendly drag-and-drop interface.

  • Squarespace. Customisable website templates.

  • Sellr. User friendly interface, customisable templates or easily build your own beautiful looking website using blocks.

  • Shopify. Customisable templates.


The easiest to use website builder is a personal choice. It’s a good idea to try a few and see which one feels most intuitive and which provides all the functionality that you will need.


What skills do I need to create my own website?


You do not need any particular technical skills to use a website builder. Most website builders today are relatively easy to use and have a drag-and-drop style interface, which allows you to create a website by moving images, buttons and text around on the page. However if you want to do more advanced things with your website then you may well need to have a basic understanding of website design and development languages such as HTML and CSS.


Here are a few skills you may need to have if you are thinking of using a website builder:


  • Design skills. The ability to understand what makes a good layout that is easily navigable as well as looking visually pleasing.

  • Coding Skills. You may need to edit a little HTML and CSS in order to create your website so having basic skills in these languages will be beneficial.

  • Writing skills. You will need to be able to write some interesting and compelling content to describe your website offering as well as adding some images and/or video.

  • Organisational and planning skills. In order to have a website with a nice navigable flow you need a little understanding of how users navigate a website and how that fits with your particular websites needs.

  • Understanding of SEO. You will need a little knowledge of the principles of search engine optimisation in order to get your new website seen, so what you write is just as important as what your website looks like.

You really don’t need to be highly skilled in order to create your own website using a website builder, but it helps if you have a little knowledge to make the process even easier, quicker and more effective.


Can a beginner build a website?


A beginner is more than capable of building a functional website, especially if they use a website builder to help them structure and design their website. Website builders make building a website easy. An important fact to remember when using any website builder however, is that it can take time and a little effort to produce a website that you can be truly proud of, but rest assured the gains will outweigh the effort for sure.


Which is the best site to create a website?


As we have seen there are many website builders to choose from and you will need to try a few to see which one suits your requirements. A simple one to start with is Wix, but if you need ecommerce capabilities or would like an easy to use website builder which will produce a fantastic modern looking website then try


Can a website be built for free?


Yes, of course a website can be built for free. But you will need to consider the additional costs, such as purchasing a domain name and any hosting charges, and if you decide to use a website builder, then you will also need to factor in the cost of subscribing to this too.


Are website builders worth it?


This all depends on the specific requirements of the website.


The several benefits of using a website builder:


  • Easy to use. Website builders typically have intuitive user friendly interfaces with a drag and drop facility.


  • Low cost. Many website builders are free or offer low-cost options, depending on the requirements you have, making them a great option for individuals and small businesses.


  • Easy to design modern looking websites. Website builders make it east to put together a fantastic looking websit with minimal effort. Most use templates which users can customise to their corporate colours or change to meet their personal tastes.


  • Easy hosting and maintenance. Website builders can also sometimes handle the hosting and maintenance side of things for you, which means that users don’t have the headache of managing server space. 


What is the downside of a website builder?


Website builders do have a few limitations to consider


  • Some website builders are limited in their customisation options. So it is best to check that the website builder you plan to use can accommodate your specific requirements. You may even have to hire a developer to create exactly what you want, if it is an unusual or complicated function you are needing.


  • Branding and SEO limitations. Some website builders are limited in terms of allowing customisation for branding or SEO terms, which can detrimentally affect how the search engines find your website, which in turn can affect how many people find your website.


  • Scalability. Website builders may not have the functionality to handle larger businesses of those with high traffic needs.This is something to consider when choosing a website builder if you believe your business may expand and your website requirements may increase.


Is it better to build your own website or use a website builder?


This is really a personal choice. Some people do not like the restrictions of using a website builder, and prefer having full control over the look and function of their website.


Do I need a website builder?


Overall, website builders are a great option for most individuals and businesses that want a quick, easy and affordable solution to building a website. If your requirements are more advanced than the average website, or you want more control over your website you may be better off building one from scratch if you are able to. But if you feel that you can achieve what you need with a website builder then by all means there is nothing wrong with using a website builder to create the website you have always wanted. is a great website builder to try if you would like to create a modern looking ecommerce website with lots of options and functionality, and the ability to list your items in more than one place and easily manage everything in one control panel.


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