Stock Synchronisation
Put Your Inventory Control On Autopilot.
Sell via your website, marketplaces or POS devices and automatically update inventory levels across all sales channels.
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Say Goodbye to Overselling
Manually updating your inventory across your channels is time-consuming and leads to mistakes. Sellr takes the hard work out of your inventory control processes and saves your business time and money.
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Update Stock in Real-time
With Sellr, your channels will automatically update to show your customers the correct level of stock for your items. So when your customer places their order, your other sales channels are adjusted automatically.
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Improve Your Inventory Control
Set up multiple stock centres in Sellr to allocate inventory to the correct channels, wherever your inventory is located. Keep track of items across all of your warehouses and optimise your business planning.
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Protect Your Reputation
If you oversell on Amazon or eBay, your run the risk that your store can be closed and your items get delisted because of incorrect inventory. Don't let your loyal customers down. Only sell what you have in stock and keep your seller reputation intact.
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Boost Your Conversion Rates
Set low maximum visible quantities on your items on eBay with Sellr. Potential customers fear losing out on an item with limited stock and your stores conversion rates increase.
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