Magento 1 End Of Life Is On The 30th June 2020
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If You're Still Using Magento 1 - You Need To Take Urgent Action

When a software product becomes end-of-life it means that the software will no longer be updated or supported.

How Will Magento EOL Affect Your Magento 1 Store?

The issue will be security updates. It will only be a matter of time before someone uncovers a backdoor into the Magento 1 system and spreads this information around the web.
With no updates to fix this, your website will then be open to any attackers to take control of it and potentially access all your data. You are legally responsible for your data and so will potentially be responsible for the fines and losses incurred.

What You Can Do To Avoid This

You need to urgently switch your store to a system which has full support and ongoing updates.
You have probably already considered and rejected Magento 2 because of the extra costs and the prospect of having to do this all over again when they change it to Magento 3.

The solution is to switch to Sellr! We are ready to jump onto this for you, switch over your site and make it really easy for you. We can do as much or as little of this process as you require. Click here to start a free trial - with no obligation - or Contact Us if you'd like to discuss your requirements in detail.

How Does Sellr Compare?
Sellr lets you create and maintain modern responsive websites really easily. It integrates with Google Shopping, Amazon and Ebay to automate your sales. You will find it has many more features than Magento and you don't have to buy expensive extensions to get them to work.
What If I need Support?
At Sellr - we offer 24/7/365 support by telephone and email. If you have any problems or questions you can contact us at any time and we are here to help.
The advantage is that we are also the developers of the Sellr system, so you won't need to post to forums or get others involved.
Advised Something Else?
If your web designers, ecommerce team or IT advisers are trying to get you to use something else, it's because with software like Magento, they get it for free and charge you thousands. With Sellr you cut out the middle man. You'll get a future proofed system and probably save some money as well.

Switch To PayPal Commerce Platform 
You'll be accepting payments already on your Magento 1 site and probably already accepting PayPal. However there's a new PayPal system called 'PayPal Commerce Platform' and Sellr is one of the first Ecommerce Platforms in the UK to offer it.

The great thing about it is that customers can pay you on a card payment page. They don't know that it is going through PayPal, it's just a smart looking responsive card page. The best thing about that is that the rates for that are quoted by PayPal to be 1.2% 30p.

Of course, your customers will be able to pay with standard PayPal as well and any other payment methods you also want to offer. You can get started with PayPal Commerce Platform in Sellr in just a few clicks.
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