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Sellr Privacy Policy

What Data does Sellr store about Merchants?
When you register to use Sellr you supply your name and company name (if applicable) a contact address and contact details such as email address and telephone number. These details are stored by Sellr so that we can contact you if required. We do not pass these contact details to anyone else without your permission. The details you provide will also appear on your confirmation emails you send to your customers, so that they can contact you if required. You can change your details at any time using the Sellr web control panel.

Sales Data for each Cart
Data for each sale made using Sellr including details of customers and details of the items purchased in each transaction belong to the merchant operating the respective cart. We consider that we are custodians of this data however we do not under any circumstances pass this data to anyone else.

Our Email Policy
From time to time we may send you emails. These will contain information relating to Sellr which we believe you would benefit from, and also essential information about Sellr which you may need to know. We also send a renewal reminder email 3,2 and 1 month before expiry of your cart. Another reminder is sent 7 days before expiry and an expiry notice is sent when the cart has actually expired.

Upgrade Payment
We do not automatically charge you when your cart is up for renewal and so we do not store your card details at Sellr. When you need to renew, you will need to click on the 'Renew Subscription' button on Sellr and pay using a card of your choice.

Access to your Data
Apart from each merchant, access to the data on the Sellr machines is limited to employees of RomanCart Ltd. only. Our servers are located in a secure data center to which security approved engineers have access to the hardware.

Backup Data
The Sellr system is backed up throughout each day and the backup data is also stored at a secure location away from the datacenter. This is required in the unlikely event that the data center or are servers within are rendered inoperable.

Cookies and Tracking
The Sellr admin system may use session cookies to track your location in the system. After you leave the website these cookies are destroyed. The cart itself may use cookies to identify the customer using the cart. This is used only to maintain cart persistence and is not used for any other purpose.

Business Transactions
In the event that Sellr is the subject of a merger, takeover or other Business transition, ownership of the information Sellr holds may be transferred. In this instance you will be notified by a message on the web control panel and we will also attempt to contact you by email.


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